Animals can be funny. They can behave like humans. It is good if you have a camera handy so you can snap the amusing activity. Don't keep the fun all to yourself.  Share it around for others to enjoy. tysaustralia australian vacation
For thousands of years Asian people sailing in equatorial waters came ashore on mainland Australia for fresh water and food. They brought their dogs and they bred, becoming the dingo.  australian vacation tysaustralia
To Australians a shrimp is a prawn.  Furthermore, a lobster is a crayfish.  Girls are called "Sheilas"  When something is "beond the black stump" it is out in the rough country.  The "outhouse is a loo in the garden. australian vacation
In the bush and coast there are  five star motels and hotels.  Many backpack use hostels, tent or caravan  staying temperate south in summer, subtropical north in winter. vacation australian
Though Australia does not have a large population inventions and discoveries have been numerous. Isolation means Australians do the best with what is within reach. australian vacation
Australia is a great place to live.  If you are qualified you can apply for residency, which is one step toward becoming a citizen.  High income enables purchase of a home.  australian vacation
The formal defnition of Australiana is Australian books,furniture and paintings of historical interest.  lt also includes Biily Tea, vegemite, Aeroplane jelly, damper etc. australian vacation
For the first 100 years after discovery ships from Europe arrived infrequently, so Australians had to make do.  They had to make they what they needed out of what was at hand.
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Funny animal photos amusing activity share camera australian historiography asian food water ashore fresh water dogs.  Aussie culture shrimp prawn lobster crayfish sheilas beyond the black stump rough country outhouse loo garden.  Bush coast five star motels hotels australian vacation backpack tent caravan summer subtropical south north winter.    Large population discoveries inventions best within reach. Live residency becoming citizen high income purchase home.
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